Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who benefits from a tour on

A: Spaces that are attractive in person are STUNNING with a interactive, high definition, "Full Screen" Virtual Tour.  Any business wanting to make a positive first impression will benefit from our presentation! In some ways the 360 degree experience is “just like being there,” but in other ways it is even better. Lights sparkle, colors are revealed and small spaces seem spacious. A 360 degree presence allows your business to maximize the investment you’ve already made in the appearance of your facility.

Even more fundamentally, a tour on builds trust through transparency.  It proves to a potential customer/client that your business is legitimate and healthy. More than ever, consumers are rightly skeptical of the sometimes empty rhetoric coming from all sides of the marketing world. In contrast, a 360 degree virtual tour says, “Don’t take our WORD for it – SEE for yourself!” Everyone knows that traditional, static advertising photos are staged to show just the angle a business wants shown. A tour on shows everything both in front of and behind the lens, and from the rafters to the floor. Subconsciously, consumers immediately internalize that your business has nothing to hide, and everything to show.

Q: How is it delivered?

A: Every "premium" tour we shoot includes a virtual tour that is hosted on our server which you can link to immediately. If desired, for premium tours you will also be provided separate (Flash) swf. files of each tour on CD ROM.

Q: How do I incorporate the tour on my website?

  1. You can link directly to the tour hosted free on our server.
  2. Have your webmaster incorporate the (Flash) swf. files directly.
  3. Contact for a custom solution.

Q: How much does it cost?
Our prices are based on client requirements.
By filling out the contact form we can provide you a quote for your project.

Q: How will this benefit my business?

Our tours create an experience so real, it’s like being there. It’s technology that allows prospective customers to SEE and INTERACT with what you have to offer. It’s exactly what you need to promote your business.

Q: Who have you worked with before?
Visit our portfolio. We have produced fantastic virtual tours for some of Marin's top companies.

Q: Do I need to be present while you shoot the tours?

No, provided you have made prior arrangements with us to have access to the property or facility. However if you want to be present, that’s fine with us.

Q: How long does it take from start to finish?

After shooting the initial tours, it generally takes up to a week to produce a completed virtual tour.



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